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Specializing in grain fed, pasture-raised beef and pork

Feeding America one mouth at a time!

What We Do

Pomerenke Provisions takes the quality and quaintness of a small farm purchase and translates it to modern times
by offering a simple online ordering process.

We have streamlined the process of buying from a local farm to make it less intimidating for first time buyers and enjoyable for seasoned buyers. Customer service, honesty, and transparency are our main priorities when working with the customer. All our foods we sell are grown and raised right here on our farm - even the food our animals eat.  Without our customers, we would not be afforded the opportunity to pursue our passion for raising high quality beef and pork. We look forward to being your "one stop shop" for healthy beef and pork.  

How It Works


Pomerenke Provisions is proud to offer humanely and respectfully raised beef and pork. Create an account, head on over to our online Butcher Shop, then to start shopping.


We want to make it easy to get farm fresh food! Pick up at one of the Farmers Markets we attend, one of our pick-up locations or schedule a visit to our farm with a farm pick-up


It's really that easy! With the click of a few buttons, you can get locally grown and sustainably raised food. We know you and your family will love our products.


Welcome to Our Story!

Pomerenke Provisions is a 160 acre family-owned and operated farm located in the heart of the Midwest. Our farm is managed and run by my husband Brian and myself. 

Brian is a third-generation farmer, but his story didn’t start out that way.  Although Brian grew up on the farm, he was quick to leave the nest shortly after college. He moved to Chicago and lived there for 25 years as food account executive.  His work then brought him to California for several years.  The farm called him back, leaving the west coast and his job behind to take care of his parents.  After the passing of his parents, the farm was left to the three brothers, where Brian now farms all 3 totally 500 acres. 

Brian’s love for animals began as a kid in FFA. He has some great stories of raising and showing at state fairs, with the ribbons to back it up. So, it made sense to integrate animals on the farm.  This also allows us to improve the health of the land for future generations.

Our crossroads met later in life. As a city girl, I always romanticized about farm life. This is a dream come true. I am able to work my full-time job remotely, with evenings and weekends dedicated to working on our farm. 

We both enjoy the interaction with people at the Farmers Markets; sharing information about how food is grown, getting to know our customer's families, and swapping recipes. We are passionate about the people that have become our customers.  You all have become more like friends and family and we truly don’t know where we would be without you on Our Mission: to feed America one mouth at a time.


I love these two farmers! Great, quality produce and savory meats. They bring a boutique touch to the farmers market.
Greg - Kansas City, MO
I enjoy sharing some of my favorite recipes with Jodi, and Brian is a wealth of knowledge about his animals. They both are so passionate about what they do.
Carol - Leawood, KS